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Wiltshire County Council selects Active Navigation for data discovery

February 18, 2008 | By Nybble

18th February 2008

Helping to meet regulatory requirements

Active Navigation, an information management software company, today announced that Wiltshire County Council has selected its data discovery tool.

Active Navigation will be rolled out to the Council’s 5,500 employees in order to comply with legislation such as the Freedom of Information Act and with the e-Government Interoperability Framework (e-GIF), which forms part of a national programme to facilitate the delivery of accessible e-government services. The software will also facilitate the merging of information as five local government bodies are joined to form a single council under the Local Government Review.

Using Active Navigation, Wiltshire County Council will:

  • Uncover what information actually exists across the Council in unstructured data
  • Identify duplication, near duplication, redundant and inappropriate content
  • Facilitate file plan creation: meeting Government requirements and local needs
  • Migrate content to Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 MOSS and Tower Software’s TRIM Context

Chris Tinsley of Wiltshire County Council commented, “Active Navigation will enable Wiltshire to prepare, and assist in the reorganization required, for the One Council transformation process as well as meet our regulatory requirements. Active Navigation has clearly demonstrated its value and will enable us to reorganize our information assets within our tight deadlines: something that would have been very difficult, if not impossible, to achieve using a manual approach”.

Peter Baumann, Chief Executive at Active Navigation said, “Active Navigation’s software
intelligently manages unstructured information. In the Pilot project for Wiltshire County
Council, we soon discovered a high percentage of duplicate and near-duplicate files, which
would have hindered the Council’s efforts to migrate its documents to any new document
management system. By implementing Active Navigation’s Data Discovery solution on a wider scale, it will mean that information will be easier to categorise and find. This is crucial in compliance terms where it’s very important that the Council can find the right data in a timely manner.”

This deployment arose from a successful Pilot project, conducted last year, which
demonstrated the clear benefits of using Active Navigation to assist in the Council’s
transformation process. High levels of data redundancy and duplication were discovered,
significant storage savings could be realised and significantly reduced timeframes for migration of content were clearly demonstrated.


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