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Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority Selects Active Navigation

October 08, 2013 | By Nybble

Major City Transportation Agency Enlists the Leading File Analytics Company to Manage Unstructured Data

Information Governance (IG) software company Active Navigation today announced that the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) has selected the firm to migrate its unstructured information used by its employees to plan, manage, and perform its broad range of operations into an indexed Microsoft SharePoint environment.

Beginning with the identification, de-duplication and rationalization of WMATA bus-driver records, Active Navigation’s proven and proprietary technology will enable the agency to efficiently review millions of documents and files to sort and evaluate what should be tagged, archived or deleted. Active Navigation will also help WMATA adhere to regulatory requirements by securing documents containing personally identifiable information (PII) and reducing the risk of losing track of documents that should be managed as official records. WMATA manages the Metrobus and Metrorail systems of the Washington metropolitan area, which include the District of Columbia and parts of Maryland and Virginia. Metrorail is the second busiest transit system in the United States.

In its decades of operation WMATA has amassed a vast amount of electronic data, some of which is no longer relevant, or is redundant, or is hard to search for. With the Active Navigation solution, it will be able to greatly streamline its data and make it much easier for its employees to use and collaborate with it.

WMATA has unstructured data with estimated volumes in the tens of millions of documents and tens of terabytes of storage. It has invested in enterprise content management (ECM) systems, including Microsoft SharePoint, to support worker collaboration and EMC Documentum for records management and archiving. WMATA’s goal is to migrate content from its shared network drives to its ECM systems, and rely less on network file shares for day to day information management.

“As government agencies face reduced budgets amid increasing demand for citizen services, it is critical that they are able to operate in a smart and efficient manner,” said Peter Baumann, CEO, Active Navigation. “By correctly managing their data, they reduce costs associated with storage and accessibility, while at the same time helping their employees get to the information that they need to get the job done right.”

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