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Zero Trust Architecture

Discover and tag your sensitive data at scale through data classification and custom metadata application

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“The tool has proven invaluable in supporting our remediation responses to new regulations such as State of New York DFS and PCI. ActiveNav's support is unmatched; truly "world class."“
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Why Should You Care About Zero Trust Architecture?

There has been a fundamental shift in the way organizations practice cybersecurity. Perimeter-based defense is no longer enough – you must inventory all your data repositories to identify your unique risk profile.

If you’re anything like most organizations, much of your data is probably poorly understood. Within this dark data landscape hides countless hotspots of Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI).

You need to understand your CUI to be able to secure, govern and protect it. If you don’t, you risk exposing your organization’s proprietary information to anyone inside or outside the organization who wants to misuse it for their own purposes.

Why ActiveNav?

Because dark data is so diverse, traditional general data privacy vendors typically have critical gaps in their services:

They don’t dig deeply enough into difficult data repositories (i.e. email, file sharing, etc.).

They don’t integrate well with cloud-based repositories such as the Microsoft 365 environment, which means they can’t maximize their investment in those environments.

They can’t apply custom metadata tags that can be shared with traditional DLP and cybersecurity tools.

Reveal Your Unstructured Data

By contrast, we specialize in data discovery for these dark data sources. Do all of the below with rapid deployment and results.

Discover Dark Data and CUI in Seconds

Produce a comprehensive inventory across diverse unstructured data sources.

Understand and Action CUI

Discover, classify and minimize your data to separate mission-critical data from redundant data.

Fully Customizable

Integrate with the Microsoft 365 environment and apply even more customizable rules as well as automated labeling in place.

See ActiveNav in Action

Speak to a dark data discovery expert today and see how ActiveNav can help you create a Zero Trust Architecture within your organization and automate the labeling of your CUI.

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Dark data continues to be the biggest challenge facing information governance, privacy, and information security teams. By shining a light on dark data, agencies can have complete visibility into what exists and tag sensitive or CUI documents according to policy.

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