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Microsoft 365 Transformation

Understand, migrate and manage your full data estate, including data outside the Microsoft environment.

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"For one site, in terms of labor savings, it would have taken a human over 9 years to accomplish what we did in a few months. For me, it’s not even about the cost savings, it’s that an actual physical human being couldn’t do this."
Erin DeLorme
Information Management Specialist, Plains Midstream Canada

Why Should You Care About Microsoft 365 Transformation?

Microsoft 365 (M365) has become the cornerstone of many organizations’ strategy for digital transformation.

Even if your ultimate goal is to drive all your data to M365, you probably have dark data in repositories that you can’t easily minimize or migrate – for example, data housed outside the Microsoft environment.

If you’re not able to identify that dark data, you risk becoming too narrowly focused on the information held within the M365 platform. If that happens, your data estate won’t be consistently compliant with either your internal policies or any data regulations.

Why ActiveNav?

Because dark data is so diverse, traditional general data privacy vendors typically have critical gaps in their services:

They don’t dig deeply enough into difficult data repositories (i.e. email, file sharing, etc.).

They don’t help you visualize and contextualize your dark data to enable you to take action.

Their rules can’t be sufficiently customized to match your organization’s needs.

Reveal Your Unstructured Data

By contrast, we specialize in data discovery for these dark data sources. Do all of the below with rapid deployment and results.

Dark Data Inside and Outside the Microsoft Environment in Seconds

Produce a comprehensive inventory across diverse unstructured data sources both inside and outside the Microsoft 365 environment.

Secure Sensitive Data

Identify your dark data before migration to M365 and minimize it for compliance.

Fully Customizable

Create custom rules for labeling that can be tailored to match your organization’s internal policies.

Action Any Repository, Microsoft or Not

Label content in place, regardless of whether it lives inside or outside the M365 environment.

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This case study describes how ActiveNav has helped one particular organization discover, cleanse, label and protect over 100TB of data – enhancing Microsoft’s MIP capability and enabling the organization to realize significant benefits and manage their data more effectively.

November 02, 2021

M365 has become the cornerstone of many organizations’ strategy for “digital transformation”. As a member of MISA, ActiveNav is at the forefront of ensuring that enterprise clients can successfully embrace M365 while boosting their data governance and compliance.

November 02, 2021

Without clear insight into your Microsoft 365 environment, your organization could be sharing items that contain PII. ActiveNav brings together people, processes, and technology for a scalable, best of breed solution for Microsoft 365 information governance.

August 22, 2021