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Federal Transition to Electronic Records

Manage all your permanent and temporary records in electronic format with their required metadata

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"In times of transition, it is crucial that agency heads work with their Senior Agency Official for Records Management and Agency Records Officers to ensure that the importance of records management during transition is communicated within the agency and that all agency officials and employees are properly briefed on their records management responsibilities."
David Ferriero
Archivist of the United States

Why Should You Care About the Federal Transition to Electronic Records?

Most agencies have little understanding of what records they have and where they exist across the organization’s various repositories. To solve this problem, the federal government has issued an executive order (M-19-21) requiring agencies to digitize, organize and manage records electronically.

Your records management program can’t be compliant unless you understand where all of your records are. You also can’t respond to retrieval requests in a timely manner.

You need to establish a comprehensive inventory of all dark data repositories in which information is being created so that records can be classified efficiently for management without end user intervention.

Why ActiveNav?

Because dark data is so diverse, traditional general data privacy vendors typically have critical gaps in their services:

They require you to migrate all of your content (not just your records) into their systems.

They can’t identify records until they’re migrated.

They require unrealistic organizational changes in terms of which repositories staff can use and where content can be saved.

Reveal Your Unstructured Data

By contrast, we specialize in data discovery for these dark data sources. Our solution can be installed close to dark data sources where traditional records management solutions can’t reach. Do all of the below with rapid deployment and results.

Discover Dark Data in Seconds

Produce a comprehensive inventory across diverse unstructured data sources.

Rapid Records Classification

Automate cleanup and classify records into their correct record series.

Fully Customizable

Tag custom metadata based on retention or agency-specific requirements.

Action Any Repository

Manage content in place or migrate records into their records management system.

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Records management has never been more important. With the vast amount of records and files created daily, it is necessary to have a good plan to manage these records.

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Dark data continues to be the biggest challenge facing information governance, privacy, and information security teams. By shining a light on dark data, agencies can have complete visibility into what exists and tag sensitive or CUI documents according to policy.

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