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Data Migration

Whether you’re planning a cloud, storage, or application migration, your data needs to be cleansed and managed before the big move

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Plan, Cleanup, and Classify

Rapidly assess your content to identify in-scope data for migration with our powerful workflows

Improve data quality

Create a rich set of metadata that can be written directly to SharePoint and OneDrive

Remediate sensitive data

Screen for and remediate sensitive data before migration exposes it to search or leaks it to a cloud destination

Enable business processes

Match files to content types or aspects to drive retention policies and user search

Lower storage costs

Identify, and remediate, redundant, obsolete and trivial (ROT) content to migrate only the information you need

Reduce time and cost

Identify and resolve content incompatible with the migration destination

Restructure content

Restructure files based upon classification and analysis results which can result in significant cost savings

Preparing content for migration before moving to the target repository results in reduced manual effort, lower volume-based migration costs and higher quality migrated data.

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“The services and support teams have been incredibly helpful and responsive with any questions we have. Our legal team has also found the software particularly useful with various e-Discovery functions. We are extremely pleased overall.”
Robert McKee, Records Manager
Spire Energy

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