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Take control of your sensitive data using a hybrid-cloud platform that allows you to quickly discover and map data across diverse data repositories.

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Visualize and Explore Content at Scale

ActiveNav Inventory provides the insights you need to support all your data initiatives. By isolating and visually depicting data at scale, you can manage risky, stale data and make informed content decisions. Our platform tackles the hardest challenges behind discovering and mapping unstructured data, enabling you to gain value from your data like never before.

privacy and compliance container

Build Actionable Data Maps in Minutes

Personal, sensitive data is hiding everywhere in your organization: on-premises, in the cloud, on file shares and servers, and throughout numerous other repositories. The platform is uniquely built to handle the challenges of mapping unstructured data repositories, enabling risk mitigation and compliance with evolving privacy laws and regulations.

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Find Toxic Data Fast

rapid data mapping

Rapid Data Mapping

Build actionable data maps in minutes with a near real-time view of your unstructured data assets. High-performance, single-pane-of-glass, web-based dashboards make it easy to drill down to the most obscure data.

highly scalable

Highly Scalable

The flexible deployment model allows you to quickly discover high volumes or velocities of data as all the heavy lifting is done in the cloud.

powerful proprietary

Customizable Data Scoring

Data is scored and mapped in context by business unit, geography, repository, or host, enabling rapid decision-making with actionable recommendations.

areas of risk

Isolate and Visually Depict Areas of Risk

Diverse data sources are presented in a single view so that data risk can be dealt with in one place. Robust reporting is tailored to specific business roles with a single source of truth.

quick deployment

Low Network Impact and Quick Deployment

The hybrid-cloud architecture deploys quickly, with multi-tenant or dedicated instances available. No intensive integration or professional services are required to start.

security first


The platform is deployed in a scalable multi-tenant environment which ensures that all interfaces and data are secured using Microsoft’s industry-leading Azure cloud security services.

How It Works

unstructured data sources

Discover Unstructured Data Sources

ActiveNav Inventory connects to everywhere you store unstructured data using a unique hybrid collector infrastructure. As the platform is a SaaS deployment, it doesn’t require a single line of code, or an expert to install, and can deliver aggregated insights about your sensitive data within minutes. It can be deployed to deal with a point problem (and scaled later as demand grows) or established as a centrally managed foundation for a ubiquitous information service.

scores to see data that matters

Use Scores to See the Data That Matters to You

The proprietary data scores provide insight into your levels of risk and areas of concern. Data is scored and mapped in context by business unit, geography, repository or host. Drill down into areas of interest to ensure you’re always confident about what’s happening within your data estate.

what matters

Prioritize What Matters

ActiveNav Inventory gathers the widest range of metadata from diverse data sources and normalizes it to provide a consistent picture across all unstructured data types and repositories.

evergreen data maps

Evergreen Data Maps

The rapid growth in data volumes means that risk is always evolving. ActiveNav Inventory provides near real-time, dynamic data maps to ensure that you’re staying on top of these changes. Data monitoring can be tuned to ensure that visualizations are always fresh.

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