Technology Overview

ActiveNav Governance provides continuous monitoring of connected repositories and automatically applies policies to your content. The software notifies information owners and relevant users for action as part of a repeatable and defensible process.

ActiveNav Governance includes powerful management reporting so that progress and status can easily be communicated to stakeholders.

The platform also prepares content for migration for lower volume-based costs and higher quality migrated data.

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Analyze and notify

Resolve data spillage

Resolve leaked records or inappropriate courtesy copies

Enforce policies

Policy violations are notified to responsible staff

Reduce discovery burden

Data governance can reduce the cost of legal holds, early case assessment and collection

Grow governance maturity

Constant feedback on content risk and quality drives behavior changes

Metadata mapping

Classify and tag

Create a rich set of metadata to drive records management

Tag and organize

Map content to file plans, taxonomies and other metadata types


Plan migrations using real data by knowing what data actually exists
“Hiring the right person to help in our IG efforts was critical to being able to create a plan of action that can assist our needs moving forward.”

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