ActiveNav DC Project Suite

An expert data transformation project suite, deployed in your on-premise infrastructure. DC Project Suite is purpose built for data cleanup, migration and record classification either in-place or on migration for file shares, SharePoint or OpenText Content Server.

Product Overview

DC Project Suite is an expert project toolkit for unstructured data transformation. Deployed quickly and easily into your on premise environment, DC Project Suite discovers and classifies unstructured data in file shares, SharePoint or OpenText Content Server for a broad range of use cases from data clean up and migration to record classification and disposition.

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Highly Customizable Data Discovery

DC Project Suite quickly finds and classifies unstructured data, identifying ROT and duplicates, sensitive, records, and intellectual property, and any other attribute.

Action Data in One Interface

Data disposal actions built right into highly functional reporting, enabling deletion, quarantine, migration or labelling without third-party tools.

Records and Migration Mapping

For file plan migration, metadata creation or records schedules classification, DC Project Suite provides a unique data workbench.

"Again, without ActiveNav I don’t know that our organization would be ready today to take those next steps. Thankfully, it was a very enjoyable project because of those outcomes, and certainly the highlight of my career that, again, I was able to enjoy thanks to that partnership and the outcomes and success that we accomplished together.”
Steve Gonzales
Information Governance and Enterprise Content Management Manager at The Metropolitan Water, District of Southern California.

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