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Federal Goverment

Data is critical to government agencies at all levels. It underpins every public sector activity. We help federal and public sector agencies address their most critical information governance challenges, comply with rigorous regulations, protect citizen data and meet mission goals.

Governments around the world choose ActiveNav

We have extensive experience working with government agencies at all levels including the US Marine Corps, the US Army, US Central Command, US Access Board, US Army Corps of Engineers, Department of Homeland Security, the US Cyber Command, National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), Transport Canada, Treasury Board of Canada, and the British Royal Navy

ActiveNav is built completely in-house to help governments effectively manage sensitive information

Effective Information Governance with Microsoft Office

Many governments have standardized on using Microsoft Office and increasingly O365. Our software complements Microsoft’s suite of products including Office 365. We integrate with hosted SharePoint, OneDrive and Exchange environments to ensure all your data is managed effectively, labeled correctly, and meets your regulatory directives.

We fully-integrate with Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) to support public sector entities with additional labeling, securing and protecting sensitive records across federal agency data stores.

Without clear insight into your Office 365 environment your agency could be sharing items that are past retention, contain PII and PHI, or breach internal data privacy policies.

Overcome all these issues and automate the application of policies with one easy solution.

Meet regulatory requirements

ActiveNav supports compliance with

  • M-19-21
  • CUI
  • FOIA
  • ISO 27001
  • NIST Privacy and Cybersecurity Framework

Contract Vehicles

Through our government software distributer immixGroup we support a wide range of contract vehicles.

US Federal contracts:

We offer subscription and perpetual licensing contracting models.

Accelerate your digital transformation and modernization initiatives with ActiveNav.

Protect citizen data

Find and remediate data that is not suitable for public release using automated PII and keyword identification rules

Respond faster to FOIA requests

Quickly index an entire network to find relevant data pertaining to specific FOIA requests

Reduce sensitive information spillage

Prevent information spillage by protecting documents that contain sensitive information

Meet regulatory requirements

Ensure that sensitive data (CUI, PII, etc.) is securely and correctly managed

Confidently move to the cloud

Create a data map of legacy content and minimize data by identifying Redundant, Obsolete and Trivial (ROT) data, ensuring only useful information is migrated to the cloud

Enable regulation readiness

Develop rule-based records taxonomies and file plan structures to discover and auto-categorize files into retention schedules

Accelerate your digital transformation and modernization initiatives with ActiveNav.

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