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Greater Manchester Fire Selects Active Navigation Content Audit

February 19, 2007 | By Nybble

19th February 2007

Greater Manchester Fire Selects Active Navigation Content Audit

London 19th February, 2007 – Following a successful proof of concept, GMFRS have selected Active Navigation to provide a full Content Audit of their 2 Million documents.

With 2,000,000 Electronic Documents but no formal data management structure and 1.5TB of data storage filled in less than 18 months, GMFRS chose Active Navigation’s Content Audit to help addressing its information management challenges:

Identify reliable, non-duplicated data
Definition of a Simple Document Managament Strategy
Eliminate storage of inappropriate content
Rationalisation of video content

In less than a month, Active Navigation analysed 1,915,480 files (in a wide variety of formats and in multiple secure filestore locations), located exact duplicate files and thematically very similar content (typically different document versions), created a fileplan, mapped the content to it and provided users with a web navigation interface. Despite minimal input from GMFRS staff, in-depth understanding of the data was provided based on the documents’ actual content.

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