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    We are proud to sponsor this webinar, hosted by NAGARA!

    Common anti-hoarding measures can be too aggressive and may drive “underground archiving,” whereby employees save information in unsecured locations. This webinar presentation will provide case studies that identify ineffective strategies commonly used, as well as real-world IG tactics and strategies to help incentivize employees and business units to change their behavior for the better.

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  • WEBINAR: The Next Big Thing - "Small Data"

    Date: 5/19/21     Time: 12:00pm Eastern

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    Is bigger always better – especially when it comes to data? Join us during this webinar, hosted by ARMA NOVA, to find out.

    A study by the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) found that over 75% of IT/infosecurity professionals ranked data minimization and data inventory/mapping as the most important privacy functions in mitigating the risk of a data breach. The pithy notion that “all data is good” is proving to be simply inaccurate.

    With ever-increasing regulations, such as the recently signed Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act (“VCDPA”), personal data can no longer be collected and stored simply for the sake of it. Companies need to understand what data they are creating, collecting, and storing, as well as the resulting corporate risk associated with housing this data.

    In this lively presentation, ActiveNav’s Chief Revenue Officer, Dean Gonswoski, Esq. and Matthew Krengel, Director of Information Retention Counseling at Cooley LLP will cover:

    • How to build in minimization concepts during the earliest phases of a data accumulation program
    • How to maximize data value while minimizing data
    • Why data minimization is vital for operationalizing a data governance and privacy program
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  • WEBINAR: 6 Steps to Take Before Migrating to M365

    Date: 5/19/21     Time: 2:00pm British Summer Time

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    The Microsoft 365 suite of tools is being rolled out at companies large and small to support new ways of working – not least of which was the quick shift to a remote-first workforce! Organisations now need to tackle how to protect, govern, and secure their information before migrating to this new environment.

    Some organisations struggle to get going or peter out before finishing their migration due to organisational concerns that range from knowing what data to move to compliance and security. Several significant M365 migration challenges should be considered to avoid setbacks and additional expenses.

    Join speakers from ActiveNav as they provide actionable steps for preparing your data for a move to M365. You’ll leave this webinar confident about your migration plan.

    During this lively webinar, they’ll answer:
    • Why a “Lift and Shift” approach is not the answer
    • How to discover, classify, and action your content before migration
    • How to apply Microsoft Information Protection labels during migration for improved data security and protection
    • …and a live Q&A

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    We are proud to sponsor DGI’s eDiscovery Virtual Conference!

    Electronic discovery continues to grow in importance. This is due to the proliferation of electronically stored information (ESI) and the mission of M-19-21 that mandates all permanent government records be stored electronically by the end of 2022. ESI includes emails, documents, databases, voicemail, audio/video files, social media posts, and web site content. eDiscovery refers to discovery in legal proceedings to include litigation, government investigations and FOIA requests, where the target information is stored electronically.

    DGI’s new virtual eDiscovery Conference will explore the policies, applications and technologies impacting public sector electronic discovery.

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    We are proud to sponsor Part 2 of GDIT’s signature technology event series, Emerging Technology!

    At Emerge 2021, see vision brought to life in a three-part virtual event series showcasing real technology solutions making an impact today and paving the way for tomorrow.

    The first event explores how to accelerate the Digital Modernization of technology we depend on every day. In part two, take a deep dive into the Emerging Technology that will change the world of government. The series closes with a Defense Cloud program highlighting how defense agencies are evolving to advance the mission.

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  • CONFERENCE: ARMA InfoCon 2021

    Date: 10/17/21 – 10/20/21

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    As a long-time supporter of ARMA, we are proud to sponsor the ARMA International conference again!

    ARMA InfoCon 2021 is the premiere educational event for records management, information management, and information governance professionals to learn and share industry best practices.

    Be part of the action as we host our first hybrid conference – live. Our goal is that everyone everywhere can join together as one community through connection.

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    There are a gazillion different records systems out there, and many different claims to names of systems and functionality. What can they REALLY do for you? How do you choose the “right” system for your organization and sort the wheat from the chaff and make sure you are getting both what you need and meet your requirements (and not just wishful thinking)?

    Attendees of this webinar presentation, Sponsored by ActiveNav, will learn the following:

    • How to determine what you really need – requirements vs wish lists
    • How to write a “Request for Proposal” or RFP for procurement
    • How to evaluate the different systems
    • How to make the “right” choice for your organization
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    The City of Sparks, NV was utilizing a “patchwork” records management process that included mountains of paper, several outdated software systems, microfilm, off-site storage, and just one records technician to assist 400 employees. This webinar, sponsored by ActiveNav, is a look at our journey to create a successful records and information management (RIM) program.

    The Learning Objectives of this webinar presentation include:

    1. Discovery– Who is responsible for records management? How do I get started? Who can help get this program off the ground? How do we pay for it?
    2. How do we use the resources we have available and acquire additional resources over time.
    3. Disaster planning and recovery–What is it and why is it critical to have a plan?
    4. Training and Education–knowledge is powerful! Train your team and fund records education for staff.
    5. Audit and Maintain the program–Inspect what you expect. You’ve implemented a program, make sure it’s working and is compliant. Maintain your RIM program!
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