• WEBINAR: Migrating to M365? Do THIS First

    Date: 7/28/21     Time: 2:00pm Eastern

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    There are many reasons for data migration – everything from replacing or upgrading applications to business process changes, data volume growth, or changing performance requirements. In all these cases, one thing remains the same – the data not only needs to be moved from one place to another, but also needs to fit for purpose in the new system. That’s why migrations are complex projects that require time and resources.

    If your organization – like thousands of others – is planning to migrate your infrastructure to Microsoft 365 (M365), you’ll want to take some important steps BEFORE the big move. When you properly prepare your content for migration before moving to M365, you reduce manual effort, lower volume-based costs, and improve the quality of your migrated data.

    We invite you to join us on July 28 to learn:

    • Why a “lift and shift” approach is not going to achieve your migration objectives;
    • How to discover, classify, and action your content before migration;
    • How to apply Microsoft Information Protection labels during migration for improved data security and protection.

    You’ll leave this webinar confident about your M365 migration plan.

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    Let’s talk about the elephant in the room. It’s huge… and so is the risk in your dark data. Today, about 80% of all corporate data – including regulated, sensitive data – is unstructured, with that figure expected to grow to 90% by 2025.

    Like an elephant, unstructured data can be unwieldy and hard to manage. This type of data is remarkably difficult to discover, map, and classify, which results in companies ignoring the problem. However, with the growth of data privacy laws and the need to “know your data”, burying your head in the sand is no longer an option.

    Join experts from ActiveNav as they share 5 actionable strategies which will lower the risk profile of your unstructured data. They’ll discuss:

    • How to balance the growth of data with increased privacy risks
    • Methods for discovering, mapping, and classifying unstructured data
    • How to leverage automation for defensible data deletion
    • Tips for leverage Microsoft Information Protection Labelling (MIP)
    • How to minimize duplicate and ROT data

    As the saying goes, you eat an elephant one bite at a time. The same can be said for tackling your unstructured data – start small and one step at a time. This webinar will show you how.

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  • CONFERENCE: FOIA | RM@930gov 2021

    Date: 9/16/21     Time: 10:30am – 12:30pm Eastern

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    ActiveNav is a proud sponsor of this virtual event (FREE for Government Attendees), hosted by Digital Government Institute.

    The Freedom of Information Act was enacted in 1967 and is often called the law that “keeps citizens in the know about their government.” Today more than ever before, making government documents and communications available for citizen access is crucial. How can FOIA keep up with ever-changing and evolving communication channels? Join DGI for a targeted discussion during the 9th annual 930gov RM Conference.


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  • VIRTUAL EVENT: Electronic Records Management Workshop

    Date: 9/21/21     Time: 8:30am – 12:10pm Eastern

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    ActiveNav is a proud sponsor of this virtual event (FREE for Government Attendees), hosted by FCW.

    Federal agencies must shift fully to electronic records management by December 2022, when the National Archives and Records Administration will stop accepting new paper records.

    Successfully making that transition entails far more than simply digitizing existing documents. Meeting the goals set by M-19-21 demands changes to current business processes, dramatically different approaches to content classification, new systems that are digital throughout, and records management professionals who are far more strategic and empowered in their roles. It’s a foundational modernization effort needs to be treated as such.

    Many of the initiatives underway suggest agencies are doing exactly that, and re-imagining what true electronic records readiness can mean for critical missions. Yet budget constraints, competing IT priorities and even organizational cultures can complicate these already-challenging efforts.

    Please join us for this FCW Workshop exploring the challenges and opportunities that come with government’s push to paperless records management, and the practical steps agencies can take to successfully meet the requirements of M-19-21.

    Attendees who take part in this half-day virtual event will be able to:

    • Identify gaps in existing records management systems
    • Develop and implement tactics for addressing those gaps
    • Map agency modernization plans to key M-19-21 milestones
    • Convey the mission impact of electronic records management to others
    • Work more efficiently with industry to maximize technology investments
    • More effectively support their SAORM and ensure senior executive buy-in
    • Better leverage the guidance and assistance available from NARA
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  • CONFERENCE: Practical Solutions for M-19-21 | RM@930GOV

    Date: 9/23/21     Time: 10:30am – 12:30pm Eastern

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    ActiveNav is a proud sponsor of this virtual event (FREE for Government Attendees), hosted by Digital Government Institute.

    The deadline to meet the OMB/NARA Memorandum M-19-21: Transition to Electronic Records is fast approaching. What practical solutions can agencies employ to get over the finish line in time? Join DGI for a targeted discussion during the 9th annual 930gov RM Conference.

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  • CONFERENCE: ARMA InfoCon 2021

    Date: 10/17/21 – 10/20/21

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    As a long-time supporter of ARMA, we are proud to sponsor the ARMA International conference again!

    ARMA InfoCon 2021 is the premiere educational event for records management, information management, and information governance professionals to learn and share industry best practices.

    Be part of the action as we host our first hybrid conference – live. Our goal is that everyone everywhere can join together as one community through connection.

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    ActiveNav is a proud sponsor if IAPP P.S.R. We’ll see you in San Diego!

    Better Together: the Privacy-Technology Fusion at IAPP P.S.R. 2021

    We lived through a year of trusting technology to conduct business and live life at safe distances. What effect did that dependance have on privacy and information security, and what lessons are we taking into the future? Explore those and other questions in at IAPP Privacy. Security. Risk. 2021, live in San Diego.

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    There are a gazillion different records systems out there, and many different claims to names of systems and functionality. What can they REALLY do for you? How do you choose the “right” system for your organization and sort the wheat from the chaff and make sure you are getting both what you need and meet your requirements (and not just wishful thinking)?

    Attendees of this webinar presentation, Sponsored by ActiveNav, will learn the following:

    • How to determine what you really need – requirements vs wish lists
    • How to write a “Request for Proposal” or RFP for procurement
    • How to evaluate the different systems
    • How to make the “right” choice for your organization
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    The City of Sparks, NV was utilizing a “patchwork” records management process that included mountains of paper, several outdated software systems, microfilm, off-site storage, and just one records technician to assist 400 employees. This webinar, sponsored by ActiveNav, is a look at our journey to create a successful records and information management (RIM) program.

    The Learning Objectives of this webinar presentation include:

    1. Discovery– Who is responsible for records management? How do I get started? Who can help get this program off the ground? How do we pay for it?
    2. How do we use the resources we have available and acquire additional resources over time.
    3. Disaster planning and recovery–What is it and why is it critical to have a plan?
    4. Training and Education–knowledge is powerful! Train your team and fund records education for staff.
    5. Audit and Maintain the program–Inspect what you expect. You’ve implemented a program, make sure it’s working and is compliant. Maintain your RIM program!
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