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    The development of state-level regulation on data protection is likely to upend the current paradigm relationship between individuals and private business – we review the regulatory direction of travel and what the next two years are likely to bring.

    Join ActiveNav Chief Revenue Officer, Dean Gonsowski, and his fellow panelists Arielle Garcia, UM Worldwide, Ross Parker, S&P Global, Jeff Gary, Georgetown Law, and Jamie Crabtree, Unity Technologies for an insightful session during the PrivSec Global Virtual Conference.

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  • WEBINAR: Migration, MIP, Metadata and More

    Date: 12/02/20     Time: 12:00pm Australian EDT | 2:00pm  New Zealand

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    Microsoft’s 365 is evolving quickly – adding new features and functionality, leading to a growth in its popularity. While M365 offers numerous security, governance, and compliance features, moving to the cloud is no small undertaking. Companies moving files to M365 often struggle with a lack of metadata, which typically need to be reorganised to be effective. The lift-and-shift method can be wasteful and problematic.

    Join experts Andrew Cowan and Simon Costello from ActiveNav and special guest Ajay Lyer from Microsoft as they share best practices about M365 governance. They’ll tackle all the ‘M’s: migration, metadata and MIP labelling, and why we need to think about governance as an evolving process.

    The session will cover:
    • How to develop an IG strategy for Microsoft 365
    • How to plan for an M365 file share migration
    • How to use identify and enhancement metadata for value creation
    • How to classify a file based on its MIP label

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  • WEBINAR: Managing Unstructured Data and Extracting Value

    Date: 12/03/20     Time: 10:00 am ET

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    Unstructured data offers untapped potential but the platforms, tools and technologies to support it are nascent, often deployed for a specific problem with little reuse of common technologies from application to application. What are the challenges of managing and analysing this data and what are the considerations when making investments in this area?

    Data quality, consistency and security are crucial in today’s markets. Regulatory compliance and maximising business benefits are no longer optional. This webinar will explore use cases of managing unstructured data. Find out how to use cloud and machine learning tools to navigate the associated challenges; and how to maximise business benefits while maintaining regulatory compliance.

    Register to:
    • Explore unstructured data and its use cases
    • Examine challenges of integrating and analysing unstructured data; increasing use of machine learning in specific cases
    • Discuss managing and enriching unstructured data, how to tag unstructured data and use cognitive search tools for analysis and linking data from different sources
    • Understand the business benefits of harnessing unstructured data

    Join us for a great presentation featuring our very own Rich Hale, ActiveNav CTO.

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    Are we experiencing a data explosion or data implosion? With data growth not slowing down any time soon, one thing is clear: traditional approaches to managing information aren’t working (just look at the frequency of major data breaches splashed across the front page of the news.)

    Following the tendency to collect and keep data “just in case we need it later”, companies are now faced with navigating the collection, storage, and management of vast amounts of data without understanding contents, locations, and access. This blind spot creates significant privacy and security risk.
    Join this session to learn from firsthand experience how to build a strong data protection strategy and solve the most pressing unstructured data challenges.

    Peter Baumann, ActiveNav CEO, joins this panel during the PrivSev Global Virtual Conference.

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    Content classification is hard. Everyone wants to automate classification to keep up with rapidly increasing information volumes, but that’s easier said than done! We’re faced with several challenges including the number of categories, overlapping categories, training set size, availability of training sets, availability of Subject Matter Experts…

    How can you overcome these hurdles and make your way to a finish line resembling a faster, more accurate method of classification? Tune in for insights from ActiveNav’s SVP of Global Accounts, Steve Matthews and Iron Mountain’s Managing Director of Professional Services, Gary Rylander – both experts in the field, with years of experience guiding organizations to that same finish line.

    During this webinar, you’ll learn about:
    • How to tackle the challenges facing records classification
    • How to get started with rules-based classification
    • Real-life case studies and lessons learned

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    Today, every company’s data is a valuable asset, which has led to a tendency to keep data “just in case we need it later.” Companies are now collecting, storing, and managing vast amounts of data without understanding where it all lives. This major blind spot creates significant privacy and security risks.

    With global privacy laws continuing to evolve, and remote work here to stay, every organization needs to consider privacy implications, regulatory fines, and third-party risks throughout the data lifecycle – from collection to disposal. None of this can be accomplished without a data inventory – after all, you can’t protect and secure what you don’t know you have.

    This lively panel discussion will share actionable tips and best practices from practitioners who have helped build data inventories for some of the largest organizations in the world. We’ll discuss legal implications to consider, how a data inventory supports compliance, and why a robust data inventory is the backbone of any privacy program.

    What You Will Learn:

    • How to discover all your data – within and outside your organization
    • How to build a data inventory to meet GDPR Article 30 record-keeping compliance requirements
    • Legal implications to consider when developing a data inventory
    • Best practices and lessons learned from real-world case studies

    Join ActiveNav’s Chief Revenue Officer, Dean Gonsowski, for a great discussion with Jessica Gross, Associate at Sheppard Mullin, and Brian Segobiano and Joe Shepley, both Managing Directors at Ankura!

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