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    Chief Data Officers are in place in over half of U.S. states and dozens of major cities across the country. As public entities begin to realize the value of the data they collect, store and manage, the question becomes: how can that data be leveraged as a strategic asset to deliver services and formulate public policy?

    Join us as we talk to the officials tasked with answering that very question: state and local chief data officers.

    We’ll dive into:

    – How they leverage data to support policy and decision-making
    – How public entities can better manage, use, and protect the data they collect
    – What’s next for the evolving role of a CDO

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    Join us at this virtual event hosted by AIIM!

    The COVID crisis has forced organizations to rethink how they view remote work, remote workers, and the systems used to support them. One of the clear beneficiaries in the rush to remote work is Microsoft. Over 90% of organizations are using Microsoft 365 in some fashion – particularly relative to collaborative content services and these new remote working demands.

    The purpose of this event is not to endorse Microsoft 365 nor contend that it is the only content and process management solution in the marketplace. Rather, given the rapid and deep market expansion since early 2020, it is worth understanding how this presence is maturing. We invite you to learn how to master YOUR M365 investment so that you can realize its full potential however your business needs may change in the next several months.

    Join the AIIM team and M365 experts from a variety of industries and business applications for an interactive exploration into these elements of utilization:

    • Making a better business case (to your executives) for cloud and collaborative content management
    • Understanding how Microsoft 365 architecture can be the foundation for your ability to automate governance
    • Reassessing your need for third-party solutions in light of new innovation
    • Learning from past “SharePoint Sprawl” mistakes to contain the M365 content explosion
    • Getting users to do what they usually resist – manage their documents in a controlled environment

    This Virtual Event is approved for 3.5 hours of CIP Maintenance Credits.

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    To celebrate the new year, Information Governance ANZ  is hosting a special interactive virtual discussion forum reflecting on key learnings from 2020 and insights and actions for 2021.

    Join ActiveNav’s Chief Revenue Officer, Dean Gonsowski for a fantastic discussion!

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    The Microsoft 365 suite of tools has been rolled out at enterprises large and small to support new ways of working – not least of which is the quick shift to a remote-first workforce! Organizations now need to tackle how to protect, govern, and secure their information, both within and outside the confines of their M365 environment.

    New ways of working can diminish our visibility to corporate mandates for information governance. We need to manage, protect, retain, and share information we cannot see as easily. With information continuing to grow at a break-neck pace, organizations need scalable, automated processes to be able to leverage their data as a visible asset. Join ActiveNav’s Product Owner, Andrew Cowan, and Infotechtion Partner Brian Tuemmler, for a lively discussion as they share how to build and implement a compliance framework that is consistent and supported both within and outside of M365. With over 30 years of experience in information governance, they have a lot to share!

    Key Takeaways:

    • How to control content sprawl and make sure it is put in the right place to maximize protection
    • How to classify and govern information at scale with defensible processes
    • How to make information easier to find with metadata enrichment
    • How to secure information with Microsoft Information Protection sensitivity labelling
    • Best practices for preparing for a M365 migration
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    Government agencies have been collecting electronic records since the 1970’s. That’s 50 years of born-digital government records to track, manage and disposition – no easy task! Not to mention the millions of government records created and stored on paper and film that have been digitized to improve retrieval and access. The resulting deposits in file shares, document management systems and other content repositories are overwhelming and can represent significant risk and cost to an agency.

    Faced with tight budgets and an exponential increase in digital information under management, public sector records managers and archivists are uniquely challenged to balance accountability and transparency of government actions and decisions with efficient records capture and preservation. Information governance must adapt to address all the ways that digital information is created, shared, stored and protected across custodians and time.

    This webinar will explore proven techniques for analyzing unstructured content to excavate ROT data, enrich metadata, and mine for resources that need to be future-proofed. By combining file analysis with active digital preservation, government information professionals can help their agencies reduce storage costs and the burden on users, improve records search and retrieval, facilitate records transfer and migration, and ensure long-term temporary and permanent electronic records remain authentic and are accessible to their constituents now and far into the future.

    Attendees of this webinar will learn the following:

    •  How file analysis tools mine content repositories to enforce security policy and retention mandates;
    • Techniques to address missing and incomplete records metadata;
    • Best practices for file migration and transformation; and,
    • Actionable strategies for preserving permanent electronic government records

    Join Mark Evans – Senior Enterprise Sales Engineer, ActiveNav – and Lori Ashley – Industry Market Development Manager at Preservica, one of ActiveNav’s valued partners – for a great presentation!

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