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ActiveNav Inventory Capterra

ActiveNav’s Inventory™

Discover, map, and score your unstructured data with a powerful cloud platform.

ActiveNav builds data maps in minutes, so you can quickly understand your data risk. Let us walk you through how ActiveNav can help you:

  • Achieve data visibility with a single-pane-of-glass view of your data
  • Connect any unstructured data source — in the cloud, on-premises, or in a hybrid configuration
  • Understand the health of your data with unique risk scores

Gain complete visibility over your unstructured data

With ActiveNav’s Inventory mapping your data, you can make smarter decisions, mitigate risk, and improve privacy compliance.

  • Make critical decisions using robust data visualizations
  • Identify challenges and protect your customers by keeping their data safe
  • Scale quickly to meet the demands of growing volumes of data
ActiveNav Dashboard on Monitor
“Data mapping is a fundamental component of many legal and compliance routines. Data mapping tools have come a long way from what began as flat, static maps in spreadsheets to multidimensional, dynamic maps that can detail data sources, consumers, sensitive data facets as well as levels of accessibility.”
Erik Derk, Managing Director | Forensics | Ernst & Young LLP

Prioritize your riskiest data

ActiveNav’s unique platform simplifies data mapping, meeting the needs of organizations that must comply with evolving privacy regulations.



Connect virtually any unstructured content type from a diverse range of data sources, on premises or in the cloud



Get more done faster by processing large volumes of data in record time



Adaptable deployment model and user interface removes the need for specialist expertise

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