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Active Navigation Release 4.2.5 Available

January 16, 2013 | By Nybble

As promised, our first release of 2013 is now available. Release 4.2.5 has been focused around charting and reporting to improve impact and, more importantly, to add some fantastic new capabilities for understanding how indexed files and analysis results are distributed across containers in your network, be they servers, folders, SharePoint sites or document libraries. We’ve also, of course, included a host of minor changes and fixes too numerous to list here.

The main highlights of this Release are:

  • An all new Container Report which replaces the old ‘Folder Usage’ report to provide hierarchical and structural context to index results so you can easily locate interesting containers wherever they may be.
  • Our new heat facility which allows results from a chosen field to be overlaid on a Container Report so you can see where ‘hot’ files can be found in relation to the rest of the network hierarchy. Heat overlays include the ability to drill into field reports for more detail.
  • Some smart tweaks and improved presentation for all reports, including no-value filtering and back navigation, makes reporting much easier to use. Further, this release no longer uses Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services, reducing our deployed SQL footprint.
  • For file shares, indexing is now possible at server level. This means a big reduction in the number of indexes needed, reducing administration overhead and improving usability.

Release 4.2.5 and documentation is available to customers and partners through our support portal at or contact us for me details.

Nybble is ActiveNav’s data-loving mascot, here to answer all your data privacy and governance questions.